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Welcome to “From India with Love”, a blog about our experience of living and working in India.  This is a blog about the discoveries we make, the adventures we have, and all the little things that make living in a foreign country both delightful and challenging.

One of things that’s nice things about living in the same place for a while is that you don’t have to give a second thought to where you buy your groceries, how much they should cost, or even what can of milk should look like.  This off course frees up your mind to work on creative endeavors and other things that you really care about.  The bad thing is, well, that you’re going through your life half asleep. 

Moving to India has changed all that.  All the little things that we used to guide us through our daily life in San Francisco have vanished or are different enough that they have to be rediscovered one by one. This first blog entry is about some of the things we’ve discovered in anew.

The Kitchen 
The big tank you see in the picture below provides gas for cooking.  It’s reassuring to know that we probably won’t run out any time soon. 

Kitchen Gas Tank

Kitchen Gas Tank

Then there’s the water purifier on the wall.  Nothing new here, except that it plays music when the water is ready to drink, another breakthrough in interface design. 

The packaging for some of the products here is quite interesting.  The milk comes in these containers.  It probably saves on packaging since you can transfer it to one of your own containers rather than using a big plastic milk carton.  Oil comes in simple plastic bags, which is pretty cool, since it again cuts down on the amount of packaging used.

Our Milk

Our Milk

Our View
We have a giant construction project going on outside our window.  This is not unique to our neighborhood. In fact, half the city seems to be perpetually under construction which adds to general traffic congestion and makes the city a little less livable.   If you look closely at some of pictures you’ll notice that pedestrians will often walk on street rather than on the side walk, because of all the debris that’s on the sidewalk and their general poor condition

Grocery Shopping.
We have a really lovely fruit and vegetable market about a 15 minute walk from our apartment.   It’s quite famous in the city for also having a flower market.  Shopping there is a lot of fun, and the vendors are friendly and welcoming.   I’ll show more pictures of the market in future posts.   In addition to the vegetable market there are also a number of fruit and vegetable vendors that operate out of little carts and stands on the street.

Flower Market

Flower Market


Stay tuned for our next entry when we’ll introduce you to some our favorite foods and where to get them in Bangalore.


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October 5, 2008 at 4:33 pm

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  1. That gas tank in the kitchen looks kind of scary! I can’t wait to see what it’s all like, first-hand! The flower market looks incredible, and the veggie market fantastic as well!


    October 14, 2008 at 1:31 pm

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