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Why we love Mumbai!

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Michelle and I spent a number of days in Mumbai recently.  It’s one more the intense places that I have ever visited.   South Mumbai, were we stayed could be any large metropolis, it has beautiful architecture, great places to eat, and is in general well kept and clean.  However, as soon as you venture out of South Mumbai, you come face to face with some pretty staggering poverty.  A good portion of the city is either living in slums or slum like conditions.  The contrasts between rich and poor create a city culture rich in experience that is both inspiring and heart breaking a the same time.  All in all Mumbai is a fascinating place and there are plenty of reasons to both love and hate the city.  

Here are some reasons why I would consider living there:

1. Beach Access


 2. Beautiful Colonial Architecture












3. Striped Buildings


4. Mostly Honest Cab Drivers(during the day)













5. Domesticated Animals Participating in Traffic 













6. Tasty Street Fooddsc03100













7. Places to reflect




















8. Spooky old buildings




















9. Cricket games on the beach














10. Spectacular Sunsets


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November 9, 2008 at 5:39 pm

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